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As a counterbalance, a young female demoness is brought up from Hell. Inverted in this El Goonish Shive filler strip.

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Nether Demons are often both the most powerful and ancient demons, in some ways closer to sentient concepts than anything else. Meg was somewhat disappointed when John did manage to make it in time, as she had hoped to kill more of his friends.


She briefly wore a nurse's garb while staying at a hospital so she could watch over Castiel. He appears to bashfully understand and says if she is referring to the kissing her in Caged Heat , he does remember, and it is a fond memory.

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Their true forms have not been shown onscreen, however Dean has seen their true forms, before he was taken to Hell. Some bosses have 2 scenes that I've unlocked and I love every one of them. Eventually, after the Winchesters complete the first two of three trials needed to seal the Gates, Crowley keeps demons away from them to keep them from being used in the trial, but Sam and Dean capture him to cure him as the third trial.
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